About Us


25 plus years experience in building
and project management.

We are inspired by what surrounds us. Our environment defines our perception. Clearbuild was established with this in mind, to give new home builders the opportunity to seize inspiration and create the home of their dreams without compromise. Clearbuild celebrates creativity and gives you the opportunity to realise your vision.

When we started Clearbuild we wanted to give clients something different. We wanted to offer them the ability to build their dream home, to capture all the little details, the nooks and crannies that make a home feel truly unique. Truly yours. Clearbuild was established to face challenging and complex builds head on, while still allowing our customers to relax and enjoy the process of watching their project come to life.

But complexity requires experience. It requires confidence. With over 25 plus years of experience in the residential construction sector, we are equipped with all the tools, knowledge and experience to tackle virtually any new home build. Each project that Clearbuild becomes involved in is unique, meaning every one will have its own set of complexities and nuances that are needed to be brought to the project. These types of projects demand inspired design, professionalism, careful management, skilled and responsive builders, and involvement from the homeowner.

Our time in the residential building industry of New Zealand has allowed us to work with a huge range of professional contractors from every stage of the building process. From architects and interior designers, to concrete layers and structural engineers. Clearbuild has built a network of the best personnel in the industry. A network that has been fostered by time and Clearbuild’s stellar reputation. A network that is now at your disposal to equip you with the right tools and personnel to get the job done.

And that is what goes into our process. That is the essence of why we started Clearbuild. To create a company that handles bespoke and complex builds, delivers them to the highest standards of quality by using the best teams, and provides a smooth experience for our clients.

Clearbuild does all the heavy lifting, taking control of the three anchor points of any building project - scope, budget and time -and involving you as key decision makers at every point in the process. Let our high quality project management and workmanship handle the rest, so that you can sit back, relax, and watch as the pieces fall into place.

So if you’re looking for a company that can handle bespoke home design, look no further than Clearbuild. No matter where you are in the building of your home, whether you’re still imagining the possibilities or have the plans in hand ready to go, get in contact with Clearbuild today. We invite you to have a sit down discussion and consultation to help realise your vision and begin to make your dream home a reality.