Creating your ideal dream home can either be a stressful process or an exciting journey. Just as you plan your travel experience, similar steps are followed when you start on the new home build journey.

When you partner with Clearbuild, you are partnering with a team that will make your new home creation journey smooth and stress-free. As your guide through every step of the way, your vision for your perfect home is brought to life.

With Clearbuild, your new home is in the hands of skilled professionals in design, engineering, project management and construction. A dream team for your dream home.

Here’s an overview of the journey you’ll take to your new home with Clearbuild so that you have a clear understanding of the road ahead.



When thinking about building a new home, it can be difficult knowing where to start. Talking to ClearBuild early in the process not only means you’ll have access to our expertise to answer your initial questions, but also we will ensure that ALL the correct questions are being asked. We provide a FREE first site visit to help you define your ideas so that you can begin to realise the vision you have for your new home. We often have the first meeting with potential home-builders 6,12 or even 18 months prior to starting their project. It’s never too early to talk to us. Book your appointment here.

Design Brief

Once you have a better understanding of what can be achieved, you’ll meet with our design team and project manager so that we can get your ideas together and begin to put the big picture down on paper. They will assess your site while taking the time to listen to you and gain an understanding of how you live and your vision for your new home. Preliminary costs are discussed to assist you with your budget decisions. Once we have all the information from the design meeting, a refined design brief is worked on to capture all those nuances and details from your lifestyle that will inevitably make your home truly yours.

Design Concept

Following on from the design meeting and after full site measure, a concept design is developed to include all these elements and requirements highlighted in your design brief. This gives our designers the opportunity to draw up a concept with enough detail to enable them to push the boundaries and produce some unexpected but fantastic results. When the final concept design is agreed upon, our estimators will work up a preliminary cost for the project just to confirm that we are still within your budget.


Construction Drawings

Once the final concept has been approved, it will act as the foundation from which to develop detailed consent and construction drawings. During this phase, specialist reports that may be required to obtain building and/or resource consent will be arranged and be ready to be submitted to the council with detailed construction plans. These drawings will include details of the finishing products that will give your new home the personality and aesthetic that you are looking to achieve. Your plans and additional documentation are submitted to the Auckland Council for building consent, as well as any other consents you may need. The council consented plans will be used by our build team during the construction phase.

Council Consent

While waiting on the council, you’ll be kept busy making final decisions and selections to your finishings specifications, readying you for your final price. At this stage, we will continue to work with you to finalise all the details, such as your colours, bathroom and kitchen designs, as well as all the various product choices for flooring, fixtures and bathroom furniture. It is at this time that we also fine-tune the construction schedule with you in order to make allowances for the time frames involved with the various choices you have made.

Contract Documents

While plans are in the council, we will also use the time to finalise prices with our contractors and suppliers as well as put together the Build Schedule and Construction Agreement along with your selected 10 Year Building Guarantee. Once you are happy with everything and have accepted the contract,your project manager will be able to pre-book the subcontractors required to ensure that things can get started as soon as your building consent has been issued.



Once consent is issued, your skilled Clearbuild team will be ready to start and hit the ground running. You will meet with your dedicated site supervisor whose responsibility is to organise site activities and work with our back office team to orchestrate the whole build from start to finish. Your Project Manager will keep you updated on progress, while also being available for any questions and changes that inevitably occur due to the nature of complex new home builds.


Once all the work on-site has been completed and after signing off your Practical Completion document, we are tasked with assembling all documentation required for either you or our back office team to submit your Code Compliance application. This process will often involve additional requests from the Council for further information, which we will work with you to provide.


Following through from your practical completion and delivery of your Code Compliance Certificate, your 10-year guarantee issued by Certified Builders or Master Builders will be in place and your new home is ready and waiting for you to move in and enjoy!